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Don’t waste your money, used trucks

So I live in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was looking for a used truck and I wasn’t able to find anything decent on most of these sites. I even went and spoke with a couple of individual owners and they wanted too much money and didn’t have much as far as history on the truck. It’s your truck? How do you not know that much about it? I got frustrated but then I found this site and it directed me to http://www.usedcarsforsalegreensboro.com/default.aspx

What I loved was how fast I found the exact make and model of the truck I was looking for. Here’s the funny thing, I didn’t buy it. I originally wanted something bigger and with fewer miles but I didn’t think I could afford it. While I was checking out this site I found the original truck I wanted, a younger one than I was expecting, fewer miles than the original I found and the best part was the price. It cost the same as I was expecting to spend on the older model of the smaller truck. I couldn’t believe it. The reason I was able to get the deal was because their financing options were great and I was able to get it during some sort of promotion they were having. I had done the research already and there was nowhere else in all of Raleigh I was going to be able to get that truck at that price. Just goes to show you to keep looking, but if you are looking you may want to start here first.

Buying a Used Car in Charlotte

I was lucky, the first time I wanted to buy a used car near my home in Charlotte, North Carolina, a friend of mine told me exactly where to go. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be the right place but when they told me about this site I figured it couldn’t hurt to check it out. Not only did I find a much better selection of cars than I did on craigslist but the quality was unreal.

I have another friend who literally spoke with over 20 people who were selling their cars. He couldn’t get straight answers out of half of them, couldn’t get information he needed about the car, a couple wouldn’t even allow him to take the car out for a test drive, they wanted the money upfront. This is what you deal with when you try buying your car out right from someone, you have to hope they are straight forward, hope the car is in decent condition, you basically have to hope.


Well when I went to this site I didn’t have to hope. I found the exact car I wanted at the price I wanted and I got to test drive it, take a look at it as long as I wanted to, compare it with other cars on the lot and anything else I wanted. When my wife needed a used car I came here, when my son needed a used car I came here and the next time I need to upgrade and get a used car I will come here. I’m just happy I figured this out early.

Used Car Beat Black Friday

You all are going to be wasting your time on Black Friday. Oh you got a TV for a few hundred bucks off? That’s nice, I’m getting a used car at a local dealer in Raleigh, North Carolina for a few thousand off! I have spent weeks looking for the best deal on a used car and not finding what I wanted. I almost gave up and then I found this site. Not only was the selection great but when I contacted the dealer he told me to wait a little because they were having a huge sale for Black Friday through Christmas. Who does that? Not the sale, everyone has them, but to tell me to wait to buy? No business will tell a customer don’t buy now, we will be cheaper next week. I have never heard of that for a toaster, much less a new car. Think of the thousands of dollars they are losing by telling me to wait but they don’t care, they want me to be happy with my purchase and I appreciate that.


So next week I don’t care what the price is, I’m going to walk into this dealership and purchase a used car. Anyone who tries to save me thousands of dollars is obviously someone I want to do business with so while you all are standing in line to save a couple of bucks off of a new microwave I’m getting a used car for thousands less than what it usually costs. Try and beat that!

Found the perfect Christmas gift

My daughter is turning 18 in December and I had the idea of buying her a used car. She has been using our cars so far and she is old enough to have her own. It’s funny, I have lived in Charlotte my entire life and every time I bought a car it’s been used. I didn’t care about safety, I cared about price, condition, miles, etc. I usually buy trucks because they are just so dependable and I use them for work and recreation. But when you’re buying a used car for your little girl suddenly what’s cool, what’s cheaper, what’s more convenient doesn’t mean a thing. I don’t care if she has the dorkiest car in school, it better be the safest and most dependable.

So I looked over probably a dozen sites, talked to a few dealers face to face and wasn’t having any luck. The problem was a lot of the safer cars were worn down or overpriced. How hard is it to find a quality used car at a decent price? Ironically it was a friend who told me about this site. They have a great selection of used cars and trucks for all of North Carolina, not just Charlotte. So I got what I needed and the best part is I’m able to hide the car at my boss’s house so it will be the perfect Christmas present. I’m even giving my daughter clothes on her birthday so she doesn’t have any idea come Christmas.  I think she’s going to love her present.


How I got my used car, stop wasting your time!


That’s the site you need to go to if you want to find a used car in Charlotte or Raleigh. That’s the site that has the best deals, the best selection and the best information on their cars. I spent weeks looking for a car, dealing with scams, liars and everything in between. I even dealt with one guy who told me the bumper on a Chevy pickup is supposed to be loose after a while when I noticed it wasn’t on right. Can you believe that? I got to the point where I almost wanted to just put more money into keeping my old car running because at least I wouldn’t have to deal with these people anymore. Then I came to this site and found a few options I liked in my price range but that’s not what sold me.

What sold me was the dealers, they basically talked me out of my first choice. We discussed what I needed to do with my vehicle, hobbies, how I use it for work, my family etc. They knew what my budget was so they found me a bigger truck that was in good condition and it was for the price I could afford. It had more miles on it than I was hoping for but when I took a look at the truck I could tell it was kept in quality condition. They didn’t make any extra money for doing that, they could have gotten a quick sale from me but they took the time to get me the right truck for me. So if you need a used car or a used truck these are the guys to talk to!

How I got my used car in Raleigh

I was looking for a great deal on a used car in Raleigh and I couldn’t find what I wanted. The ones I could afford weren’t in great condition and the ones that were in great condition weren’t what I could afford. I wasn’t sure what to do and I started looking at sites to find a good deal. I made the mistake of trying to buy from a private owner, never do that! The car looked good, drove good but when I had my mechanic take a look at it (something the owner was not a fan of btw) he noticed dozens of things wrong with the car including that it would need a new water pump. Well you would be shocked to learn that the owner wasn’t willing to lower the price at all to cover the cost of a new water pump and my search continued.

I was really starting to debate buying a used car because of all the hassles. Yes a new car would be more expensive but far less headaches. Here’s the thing, my sister got a new car and she has had to take it in so many times for all the recalls that even though she didn’t have to pay for any of them, she certainly wasn’t saved from the headaches. Anyways I kept searching online and found this site. At first I wasn’t finding anything I was crazy about until I stumbled across


This site had what I wanted, a great selection of used cars for an affordable price. I encourage anyone who is looking for a used car to check this site out!

My Charlotte Chevy

I live in Charlotte and I have to say I have never had an easier time finding a car. The ironic part is I didn’t get the car I originally wanted. By using this site I found a used car that was cheaper and had fewer miles on it than the car I was figuring on getting. Still amazed at the deal I got as well.

I would recommend that anyone tries out this site because it will help you to find any used car or truck you are looking for and probably get it at a better deal then you were expecting. I hate buying cars, especially if they are used because you never know what you are getting. But after using this site and talking to the dealer I know more about my car than any other I’ve owned and I just bought the thing! This is the first time I can honestly say that buying something that started online was easier, faster and more cost effective than buying it from a store.

I would highly recommend using this site because the information is amazing and the selection is huge. I also love how it covers dealerships and vehicles all over North Carolina whether it’s in Charlotte, Raleigh or anywhere else. I got my chevy for a low price by using this site so if you are looking for a used car or truck I would start with this site first. More than likely you will be able to find exactly what you want or even something better. And the link to the dealer is below, hope that helps!